Trump Announces $11B coronavirus Test Funding, Says Test Count Will Top 10M This Week

Trump Announces $11B coronavirus Test Funding, Says Test Count Will Top 10M This Week 1 IMG 20200506 091618

U.S President Donald Trump has has makes a bigger move on his relentless fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic as he announced $11 billion will go to states, territories and tribes to improve testing for the coronavirus pandemic.

The funds will be allocated based on states’ population size and how heavily they have been impacted by the outbreak.

For weeks the White House has resisted calls to set specific testing goals or metrics. And President Donald Trump has reiterated that governors are responsible for testing.

Administration officials said the federal government is providing states with enough supplies to meet their testing goals.At a minimum, the White House wants all states testing at least 2% of their populations, though the administration has declined to elaborate on how that number was reached.

“I said from the beginning that the federal government would back up the states and help them build their testing capability and capacities and that’s exactly what’s happened,” Trump said during a briefing in the White House Rose Garden.

“This has all been approved, we’ve gotten it done, completed. The money is going out,” Trump said. “This major investment will ensure that America continues to conduct more tests than any country on Earth by far.”

He also acknowledged cases of an inflammatory illness in some children who test positive for COVID-19 or its antibodies.”It’s a phenomenon that’s just been brought to everyone’s attention a couple of weeks ago,” Trump said.

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